US military expansion is imminent

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Although the US military is still the first in the world, but after the Cold War by the financial pressure and development direction of the leading rate has been deteriorating. US President Trump on January 27 for the first time as commander in chief of the armed forces as the Pentagon, on how to enhance the US military strength and defeat the "Islamic State" organizations and senior leaders talks. At the same time, Trump "to rebuild the US military," the trend of concern.

The first interaction with senior military leaders on the week of Trump's week may give a better idea of his attitude to major national security issues, including the possibility of intensifying conflict with major powers such as China, the integrated media reported on Jan. 29 As well as the decision on when to risk the lives of Americans abroad.

After his first visit to the Pentagon

According to the United States, "Washington Post" website reported on January 27, Trump selected a number of distinguished retired generals to lead his national security team, promised to actively combat radical organizations and as its eradication of "radical Islamist" offensive a part of.

The VOA Radio website said Trump 27th for the first time as the Supreme Commander of the army to visit the Pentagon, and the Pentagon signed the "reconstruction" of the military's executive order. Reported that the Secretary of Defense Matisse's swearing-in ceremony, Trump will sign his own administrative order described as the army's "great reconstruction."

When Trump first visited the Pentagon, his defense minister James Matisse's position on NATO and other issues seemed to be in conflict with his new boss. Also attending Trump were Admiral Joseph Dunford, President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other senior officials.

During his trip to the Pentagon, Trump, Vice President Burns, and National Security Adviser Flynn met with top military officials, including Defense Secretary Matisse and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Donald Ford. An official told VOA at Trump's meeting with senior military officials that Trump would seek a new strategy against the Islamic State.

Russian satellite network on January 28 reported that US President Trump 27th in the Pentagon, said he would sign the president of the United States more powerful. "Today I will sign a presidential decree on the great rebuilding of the armed forces - which will provide our military with new aircraft, new ships, new resources and new tools," he said.

Determined to substantially expand the US military

According to Agence France-Presse reported on January 27, said Trump during the campaign promised in the next few years will increase US warships and submarines to 350, while the Obama administration to determine the target is 310, the current level of 274 Ship. He also promised to increase the number of fighters and the Army's most important component of the Army.

"I think we have to be back to normal after years of high-intensity use of armaments," Defense Secretary Matisse said in a Senate statement: "This recovery has not been possible. Maintenance problems, some warships in the sea to stay too long, because to replace their warships are not ready.

The US military has been affected by a variety of factors has been much worse

US military spending accounts for 3.3% of its GDP, in the world is still unmatched. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the United States of this cost almost the world's second military power of China's military 3 times, is much higher than Russia.

The Washington Post website also said the Trump expansion plan includes spending more on special forces and advancing the modernization of US nuclear weapons while cutting projects deemed not to be "top-priority actions."

Reported that the draft executive order also requires another assessment at the same time, by the Pentagon and the US Office of Management and Budget to jointly draft an "Army Readiness for Emergency Budget Amendment" to increase military spending in 2017, but also asked Ma In the 90 days, Teis revised the Pentagon's preliminary budget proposal for fiscal year 2018.

Matisse will also be responsible for the January 2018 before the development of a clear military expansion of the new national security strategy. The draft of the executive order said the new national security strategy will focus on modernization of nuclear weapons, strengthen missile defense, to solve the existing equipment maintenance delays, to fill the network warfare, personnel rescue, expeditionary naval forces need more manpower areas exist "gap".

US government officials declined to discuss the draft executive order on military expansion. The draft used a campaign slogan, called Trump will "strength to seek peace." This executive order is a response to a series of concerns expressed by senior US military officials over the years. US officials have said that the Congress-mandated budget-cutting bill has significantly changed the training and equipment of some troops. This bill, known as automatic deficit reduction, will come into effect in 2013.